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What to Know About Registration

Admission Policy

Our mission at Eastlake Medical College is to provide not only the quality education but also the core foundation of three principles: Education, Envision and Empowerment, the three E’s for Academic Excellence and Success.

Students are accepted only if we believe they will benefit from the training program they have selected. Many factors such as a prospective student’s desire, motivation, and ability will be considered before an applicant will be accepted as a student. Eligible students are accepted without regard to gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or religion. Applicants under legal age must have written approval from a parent or legal guardian. All applicants must be interviewed prior to acceptance at Eastlake Medical College through phone or in person. All courses are taught in English. Students must be able to read, speak, write and understand English. English abilities will be determined during the interview process.

The student accepted in the College will be given an Official Acceptance/Registration notice in person. For unsuccessful applicant interviewed via phone and or in person will be given a Phone Call Decision or Rejection Letter. We appreciate very much in your interest in our campus, we wish you all the best in your educational endeavor.

Class Schedule: Schedule is subject to change with or without notice depending on clinical site availability, instructor availability, student enrollment, and state testing. Please contact the admission for more information in regard to class schedule and changes.

Tuition and Payment Plan

We currently do not offer financial aid at this time. An alternative, we offer a payment plan for our Nurse Assistant Training Program with 0% interest rate to assist our student financial needs.

Call the financial advisor for more information.

Fontana Campus CNA Class Fee

$   200 Enrollment/Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

$1,500 CNA Tuition Fee (effective 12/05/2021)

$1,700 Total Tuition (Fontana/San Bernardino/Riverside Campus Student)

Chula Vista Campus CNA Class Fee

$   200 Enrollment/Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

$1,300 CNA Tuition Fee (effective 12/05/2021) 

$1,500 Total Tuition (Chula Vista/San Diego Campus Student)

(Tuition fee may differ for each location. Please call the campus for payment inquiry)


Payment Zelle Information


Finance Account: Eastlake Medical College


PAYMENT METHOD: Zelle, Cash App, Cash, Money Order/Cashier Check. No personal check.

Training Includes:

  1. Set of Scrubs/Uniform

  2. Textbook/Training Guide

  3. NNAAP Testing Handbook

  4. State Exam Review/Free Tutoring

  5. Power Point Study Guide

  6. Skills Video Link

  7. Written Exam Practice Test

  8. Elderly Abuse Training

  9. Lab Access Testing Preparation

  10. Online Google Class Resources

Other Nursing Assistant Student Payment Requirement/s:

  1. Live Scan Fingerprint  (not included in tuition)

  2. BLS (CPR) for Health Care Provider (Optional)

  3. CNA Testing Fee $120 money order (not included in tuition)

Pricing, promotion and class schedules might change without further notice. Students are advised to speak with an Admission Counselor/Director for any questions and information.

Tuition Assistant / Sponsorship Information: Please contact (619) 616-5833

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